Do you think the paperless office is a good idea?

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I do think that it would be a good idea to have offices become paperless or as close to paperless as is possible.  There are three main reasons for this.

First, going to a paperless office would be better for the environment.  It does not make sense to cut down trees and go through the whole process of making them into paper (using large amounts of water, chemicals, and power) when it would be possible to store information on computers. 

Second, going to a paperless office makes storage easier.  Offices will not need to take up expensive floor space with huge amounts of files.  They will not need to pay administrative staff to file the paper and to find things in the files.  They will be able to access the records and files that they need more readily. 

Finally, having a paperless office means that it will be easier to keep records of everything so as to document everything that happens in the firm.  There will not be all kinds of memos that need to be found and filed.  Computerized files will be automatically kept, thus making sure that there will be records of everything.

For these reasons, a paperless office seems like a good idea.

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you've got great points! do you think it's possible? why do you think it has not yet been achieved?