Do you think the lives of the elderly were better or worse than they are in our society today? Give a good reason for your opinion.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that the elderly face more challenges in today's setting than in the past.  Part of this might be centering on the fact that economic conditions are more challenging now than in recent times.  This economic challenge is being felt by many in the nation, and the aged are no exception.  Many elderly individuals whose pension and retirement savings were linked to the stock market have found a depreciated value system when the recent challenges hit with full force.  This put elderly individuals in a very challenging predicament.  One side saw retirement savings lose value while the age element made finding work difficult.  This is one of several ways in which age has placed specific challenges on elderly individuals in the modern setting.

I think the lives of the elderly were better years ago then today. this is mostly because now days, individualism is favored, living by yourself, making your own money, and the elderly are just put into homes. being a volunteer at several nursing home facilities, i can tell you that those people in there really want to be with their sons and daughters. Thats all they talk about, and i have a feeling back when there were no nursing homes, elderly people would have been much happier living with their loved ones all around them. 

thedragon | Student

Yes, because in the jonas community the elderly had servents which is way better than what they have now