Do you think judge Taylor likes his job in To Kill a Mockingbird? Explain.

Expert Answers
bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Judge Taylor certainly seems to enjoy his life as a judge, judging by the way he runs his courtroom during the Tom Robinson trial. As Scout points out, Taylor "ran his court with an alarming informality." He props he feet up, cleans his fingernails with a knife, chews on a cigar, and often appears to doze off during testimony. But he is a competent and fair man, and he is in complete charge at all times. He is on a first name basis with the attorneys, calling Mr. Finch "Atticus" and Mr. Gilmer "Horace," and he appears to command the respect of both men. He also "savored" his Sunday evenings alone in "his big house," when Mrs. Taylor goes to church, sitting in his rocker reading in the peace and tranquility not found during Bob Ewell's testimony.

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