Do you think the idea of the covenant involving land is a problem in our contemporary world?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I don’t believe the idea of the covenant is an issue in our contemporary world. The idea of covenant refers to the Jewish people being given land as a result of their acceptance of G-d’s teaching. This land currently makes up the land in the country of Israel.

I feel this isn’t an issue because, for nearly two thousand years, the Jewish people didn’t have Israel as their homeland. Jews were spread throughout the world in what is known as the Diaspora. When the Zionist movement began to gain momentum, it was based for leaders such as Theodore Hertz more on the idea the Jews should have a land or country to call their own rather than on the idea of the covenant. The push for a Jewish homeland came from the many anti-Semitic actions the Jewish people have faced throughout history. This movement was accelerated by the events of the Holocaust. Thus, I feel the idea of the covenant is not an issue in today’s world since it was not the basis for creating the modern nation of Israel.