Do you think it is good or important to be involved in choir? Does being involved in a choir help you later on in life? Do you have more of an chance of getting jobs and/or college opportunities?

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One career that could do definitely be helped by participation in a choir is that of the vocalist or solo singer. Indeed, many famous singers got to be so good by starting out at the tender age of three or four singing along at church and then in the Gospel Choir. You are learning so many good skills such as singing in tune, metrical skills, voice projection, breathing, timing and musical knowledge. All of this is free too, as you are doing a good thing for your community or local church by offering your services. In turn, this volunteering looks good on a resume for college or work. You may even decide to follow a music degree at College and they will look very favorably on your application if you have dedicated some of your free extra-curricular time for your hobby.

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Being in extra curricular activities in school has many positives. Here is an example of what extracurricular activities can do:

A 2001 survey of more than 50,000 high school students in Minnesota published in the March 2003 issue of the Journal of School Health found that those who participated in extracurricular activities had higher levels of social, emotional, and healthy behavior than students who did not participate.

Colleges love it when applicants have a wide range of interests. When students can balance academics along with extracurricular classes it shows that they are well rounded, responsible individuals.

I would say that being involved in extracurricular activities helps out later in life because right now is when you are learning to be a responsible adult.

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I think that you can learn a lot from being in choir. You can gain skills that will definitely help you in the future whether or not you enter into a career in music. High school is about gaining as many experiences as possible. You can specialize when you get to college, but if you experience a lot of different things now, then you will have a better idea of what directions interest you.

That said, what you can learn from being in a choir (aside from how to improve as a singer) is how to work as a part of a team. Choir is not a solo activity. You have to listen to the choir director as well as to each other. A good choir functions as a single unit in much the same way as a successful sports team, military unit, or corporation. Teamwork and team building skills can help you in many areas.

You can also learn self confidence. As a singer in a choir, you will perform in front of audiences. Becoming comfortable singing will help you be more comfortable speaking in front of a crown, giving presentations, and going on interviews for colleges or jobs.

Lastly, choir teaches you dedication. You commit to a time to be at rehearsal and you are expected to be there even if you have homework or something that you want to do instead. If you stick to that commitment you will learn how to manage your time and how to maintain a dedication to something - skills you will also use both in college and in life.

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Unless you are trying to get into the music business, it seems unlikely that choir will really get you any better job opportunities.  But then, I would say that about just about any HS class...

As for college, colleges tend to like to see applicants with a variety of interests and extracurriculars.  In that sense, being in choir would help you, especially if you are not involved in other extracurriculars.

In general, I think you should do whatever extracurriculars you think you would enjoy.  I think for the most part it is more important for you to be in something and not so important for you to be in some particular thing.

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