In "The Necklace," why do you think the husband was surprised at Mme. Loisel's anger?

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In "The Necklace", Mr. Loisel is surprised at his wife's anger because she had just received the most sought after invitation to a reception at the Ministerial Mansion.  Madame Loisel has always felt she was born to be nobility and she daydreams about riches, fancy parties, having the attention of the most eligible men.  As she cleaned others homes she would picture the most elegant linens and tapestries and envy every one that had what she couldn't.  Mr. Loisel felt she should have been thrilled with a party that would involve some of the most distinguished people around.  But this only introduced another problem for Madame Loisel as to having nothing to wear.

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His wife constantly complained about her lot in life believing that she was meant to be rich and famous and adored by all. Her husband believes that he's finally got something that might make his miserable wife happy when he brings home this invitation to a lavish ball. He is surprised because she begins to cry and complain that she has nothing to wear. He can hardly believe it. Nothing will make this woman happy because she is never content with anything she has. She makes him feel even worse by telling him to give the invitation to someone at work who actually buys his wife lovely clothes because she has none. No matter how hard he tries, he's never going to get it right for her.

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Mme. Loisel often lamented on her ordinary life. She wished to be seen and known by the wealthy important people. Proudly, her husband presented her with an invitation to a party hosted by the Minister of Education. He proudly explains how they will be mixing with all the truly elite. He is surprised when she throws the invitation to the floor. He thought he was fulfilling her wish to socialize. Yet, for her, it would be embarrassing that she did not have the appropriate dress and jewels that seem to define women of the upper class.

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because she never spoke her mind.

and she always kept everything to herself.

she never told him that she wasnt satisfied with what

they had.she always wanted morel


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because he

didnt know wat was going on

she always just stayed quiet

and never told him how she really felt cause

then ,if anything he'd probly lieave if not then he'd stay but i dont know.