Do you think heven and hell are real?i don't realy know but i geuss it's real

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I do not think that heaven and hell are real -- I believe they are. Belief requires faith, and faith requires using a more earnest portion of the self; one that is beyond the grey matter within our skulls.

Asserting the rationality of mental logic and reason does not exclude the potential for human spirituality. In answering questions of eternal magnitude, using one's brain in the place of one's heart is much like trying to hammer a nail with a crescent wrench -- you may initially think it's getting the job done, but isn't there a better answer? 

All this to say that yes, heaven and hell (as described biblically) are very real to me personally. To each their own, as the old saying goes. 

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Lori Steinbach | High School Teacher | (Level 3) Distinguished Educator

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I do believe in both heaven and hell, and I believe they're for eternity.  That's why it's important to live life intentionally, in a way that matters--because this is not all there is.  The Bible is clear about how to avoid one and reach the other, and it's neither hard to find (even without being a Bible scholar) nor hard to live.  It's a commitment, and we make them all the time--it's just that this one is for all eternity.

What I always find interesting when discussing this issue is those who are perfectly willing, even eager, to believe in heaven but refuse to acknowledge the existence of hell.  I find that dichotomy fascinating.  So then I wonder if, indeed, we are simply eternal optimists or more like ostriches, burying our heads in the sand in avoidance and hoping ignorance is bliss.  As a country, we're perfectly willing to make judgments and decisions that aren't all Pollyanna-ish, so I wonder what keeps us from recognizing hell as a reality.  It's just interesting to me.  Thanks for asking!



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This is an interseting question. I think there is some merit to the idea based on the fact that so many different religions have come up with similar concepts. However, I am not sure that I believe of them so much as physical spaces. I think, perhaps, that we create our own heaven and hell based on what we believe. If we are pure energy when we vacate our bodies, then that energy, if it has awareness, might well create a state that mimics heaven or hell, almost like a virtual reality. On the other hand, it might move on to another body being born. Or it might continue to inhabit the world as a "ghost" or a "spirit" if that is what it desires. I do believe that our consciousness goes on after our body dies. But I think that what we believe is in large part the direction that the spirit will cling to after death.

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M.P. Ossa | College Teacher | (Level 1) Distinguished Educator

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It is hard for me to place them. Where would they be? Above and Below? If so, where? If we get there as souls how would we know the difference?

I think of hell and heaven not as depicted in those Baroque paintings, but as a state of emotion that is persistent. For this reason it is nearly impossible for me to think of 2 people these days that would deserve the "eternal joy" of heaven with the exception of those who have lived an unfair, sad, life, or those who have sacrificed for others. Since those come around very little, heaven will be quite empty by the time it is decided who goes what. I know for a fact I am certainly not worthy of it.

Neither are many churchgoers I know.

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I believe in heaven because I can see a place in my mind that describes heaven. It is a place with a lot of light and love. Heaven is a place where animals live. They fly about, they crawl around, and some of them swim in a nearby body of water. The place is very serene. Although I see a heaven, I do not know a place I would call hell. Hell is not a place; it is a feeling of evil doings and hatred.

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I believe Heaven is a subjective place, that rewards humans based on their likes and dislikes.  What one person considers heavenly another may not.  I am not sure about hell.  If I followed the same though process, hell would be different for everyone also.  It would be your worse nightmare.  I personally think hell would be a place for continued growth of self and spirituality.

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The Bible makes it clear that there indeed is both a heaven and a hell. It also, fortunately provides you with direction on how to reach heaven and how to avoid hell.

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According to Christiantiy, Heaven and Hell both exist. Those people who suffer for eternity do so because they knew the truth and had the opportunity to make the decision to choose the truth, but did not.  Just as in a court of law, a person is condemned when proven guilty of making the choice to break the law...God will judge those who had the information they needed and chose to walk in darkness.

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If you are a Christian, then you probably believe in the spiritual existence of a theoretical heaven and hell. There is no possibility of discovering the traditional burning caverns of hell or the celestial location of the perfect heaven, but the afterlife may well provide the spirit with locales that emphasize the evils and goodness of the two ideas.

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I don't believe in heaven or hell in the traditional sense, in the way in which the Bible or the religious describe it.  I tend to believe there is an afterlife, but probably not one we would recognize or even be aware of.  Our energy goes somewhere, to be certain, but I think it may well be a place or level of existence that humans cannot comprehend because it is so foreign to our existence here.

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I believe in heaven and hell but I agree that a loving God would not allow people to suffer for all eternity. I personally believe that it is all much more complicated than just going to one or the other. I also think that we will only know the answer when we die.

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I don't know about heaven but I don't believe in idea of hell as some place where you burn forever.  I don't believe that a just God would set things up so that people would suffer like that just because they don't believe the right things...

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  1. at the first heaven and hell both  exist
  2. you should read the religious books and you know the answer
  3. believe me I read el kouran of el eslam religion  and I found lot of
  4. things about god  hell  heaven , you must work by faith that god , hell and heaven exist  you are in the heaven if god want.


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Religion says it is and it is also portrays on the book  of William Wordsworth "Marriage of Heaven and Hell" in which it also introduce here, purgatory.

Try reading it, you will have an idea of the two concepts.

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Here is an irrefutable reality about heaven and hell:

Anyone who REALLY knows is not here on earth. The rest of us, those who don't know, are alive and haven't been there.

This for me is a splendid motivation to live as well as I can, moment by moment. No one knows what's beyond that, but we can live good lives right now.

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