Do you think families can really be blended, or is this a myth, in your opinion? Why?

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This is an opinion question, so my response to the prompt will differ from yours. My best advice would be to read over the linked article and to see if you agree that the points given in it are valid or not. If you think they are, you can use them as the basis for an argument that family blending can happen successfully. If you think they are invalid, you can argue the opposite.

With that said, I am happy to share my opinion to help kickstart some thinking on your end. I personally believe that family blending is definitely possible, though as the article notes, there are challenges that need to be taken seriously for it to happen. One thing I think points to it being possible is that people fall in love over shared understandings and perspectives much of the time, meaning that a second marital partner can be completely on the same page as your first one when it comes to parenting.

Also, here is another fact I think is overlooked by the concept of blending that is being discussed. Just because you had children with someone does not mean you will agree with them on how to parent the children. If it's your first marriage and you just had a child with them, it's not guaranteed that you will agree anymore than you might with a second marital partner. In this way, blending is required in all parenting relationships. I think most would agree that such a thing is definitely possible in a first marriage, so why not extend that concept to other marriages?

Hopefully this helps you start to think about this concept on your own. It seems there are no right or wrong answers, as long as you can back your answers. Good luck!

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