Do you think Dally died gallantly?Do you think Dally died gallantly?

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Dally did not die gallantly. He committed was is known today as "suicide by cop." It's a real situation, and that's what Dally chose. He could of stood up, faced whatever consequences he had coming for his bad choices, and then quite possibly gone on to make something of his life. He chose not to do this.

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Dally was a young man who had spent time in jail.  He didn't have the emotional tools to handle the loss of a friend like Johnny.  When Johnny died from the injuries he received in the fire Dally broke emotionally.  Even though Johnny looked up to Dally and felt he was gallant, like the characters in "Gone With The Wind," there was nothing gallant about the way Dally handled himself.  He ran out of the hospital and robbed a store.  He did what came naturally to him when he hurt, he bullied and took out his frustration on others.  His death was not gallant, it was police assisted suicide.  By drawing an empty gun on police who are yelling at him to stop, he was asking to be shot.  There was not anyway that those police officers could know if the gun was loaded.  Dally wasn't gallant, he was a coward.  It was easier for him to die than to continue living with the pain he was feeling.

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Daly sort of died suicide he new cops didn't know it was a bluff and would shoot , wanted to die but in Ponyboys point of view he was kind of a hero he did pull jonny out of that church and dally gave him and jonny a gun although it could me jail for him . Dally still died violent and young and desperate not a hero . So i think he died of suicide but still a good guy .

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