Do you think crime and criminality are the results of social inequality embedded in race, class, and gender? 

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It is to some extent, but not completely.

Crime is driven to some degree by social inequality and the factors you mention.  Members of minorities and poor people (two groups which sometimes overlap) are statistically more likely to commit crimes.  This is driven to some extent by the lack of legitimate opportunities for social and economic advancement available to such people.  Men are more likely to be criminals than women, partly because society has defined masculinity in aggressive terms, and aggression can help lead to crime.

However, it is surely not right to say that crime and criminality are solely the results of these things.  Millions of people with such disadvantages do not commit crimes.  Therefore, crime is clearly partly a result of personal choices.

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I agree with answer number 1 social inequality alone is not to blame.

ther are other factors why people indulge in crime. one is that people consider it to be a sourse of earning easy money.