Diversity in the Workplace

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Should corporations and government agencies offer diversity training?

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There are, of course, arguments for both sides of this question.

There are at least two main arguments in favor of diversity training.  First, diversity training is, arguably, the right thing to do in terms of ethics.  In this way of thinking, it is important for employers to treat all employees and customers with respect.  This is true simply because all people deserve to be treated in this way.  Diversity training is the best way to ensure that this is done.  Second, diversity training can be seen as a good investment in one’s firm.  Diversity training should help all of the people in the organization work together more effectively.  It should make them better at dealing with diverse customers/clients as well.  Thus, we can argue that diversity training is good both ethically and economically.

On the other hand, we can argue that diversity training is actually counterproductive.  We can say that it causes people to focus on their differences instead of seeing one another as essentially similar.  We can say that it makes people more worried about interacting with people of other ethnic groups because they will be afraid of giving offense.  Reasons like these suggest that diversity training might not be a very good thing.

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