Do you think the conflict within the family could've been prevented? How?

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The story is a humorous story told from the point of view of a young boy Larry who finds he must compete for his mother's attention when his father comes home from war after being away awhile.  Thus a conflict develops between the two male characters.  The conflict seems like an inevitable one as the mother begins to share her affection that had been wholly bestowed upon Larry with her husband.  Larry resents this new situation and resists the changes that Father has brought into the house, as would be natural for an indulged, if not spoiled, child. 

The conflict is, of course, resolved when Mother brings home a new baby.  With Mother's attention focused mainly on the infant, the Larry and his father form a necessary alliance. 

Enotes has a beautifully written explanation of the conflict, themes, and characters that you can find with the link I posted below. 

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