Do you think Bradbury would have written the same novel today?

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One of the main issues that Bradbury was confronting was the rise of the television and the way he felt it influenced people within their homes.  The massive wall screens he envisioned haven't quite come to pass yet, but it won't be long at the rate we are traveling down that road.  So I think he might very well write the same book or perhaps one that portrays those screens as even more powerfully invasive and ruinous.  Reality TV isn't the cure for what ailed Bradbury!

The issues of censorship might be particularly relevant given the recent furor over wikileaks and the idea of who gets to talk about what and who can publicize what.

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I think Bradbury would have written a novel dealing with the same issues that were represented in the book. While certainly some of the situations would have to be updated for our time in society, our culture still has many of the same issues.

Consumerism in America is still a topic of much discourse in relation to the decline of culture in our society. We still have debates over censorship, book banning, political upset, government interference, and technological fears.

Some aspects of the novel would have to be changed, but the underlying  themes and concerns are still relevant today.


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