Do you think Belize is a good  place or a bad place to raise up a family?Give 6 reasons  from chapter 1 to chapter 11 why you think it's a good place or a bad place to raise up a family.  

Expert Answers
lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If you think back over these chapters and remember what you have learned about Belize from reading them, you can come up with the six reasons yourself. What do you learn in these chapters? I'll help you out. First of all, Belize is an extremely poor country. Second of all, Beka's family is unique because she has a father and a mother. Many other families are like Toycie, being raised by another relative. Many other families have at least one parent who has fled to the United States or some other western nation to make a living, leaving the children behind in Belize. There are few opportunities for people to advance, especially women, and many are forced to become domestics or, like National Vellor, prostitutes. There is also a lot of prejudice in this novel beceause there are many ethnic groups, and they don't all get along with each other. Some believe they are better than others.

So, based on this information, what do you think? I will give you one reason I think it is a bad place to raise a family based on this information, and you can do the rest.

  1. It is a bad place to raise a family because there is extreme poverty with few jobs. Parents cannot afford to provide for the children in the way of food or education.