Do you think it is appropriate to describe 'The Tempest' as a romantic play?

dominion | Student

This is a good question, although the Tempest is listed as a Romance in most anthologies it can probably be listed under other catagories to. In the play Shakespeare explores sibling rivalry, hatred and a parents love through magic and fantasy. The play ends in a wedding, in todays society maybe we could call it a romantic comedy but it also explores some much darker issues which take the edge off the comedy. The Tempest was also the first play to have a Masque. As the play was written toward the end of Shakespeare's career he used elements from earlier works like romance and comedy and combined these. There was the potential for tradegy, but the tragic elements were resolved. I believe to describe the play as romantic is not incorrect, but it only describes part of what it is. The Tempest is essentially a play within a play, when Shakespeare began combining ideas and elements from his earlier plays into one.

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