Assess the decline in American Education.

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I think that the premise of the question could be open to healthy exploration and analysis.  Indeed, while things are challenging for education, as for so many fields, I am not entirely sure that it is in a state of decline.  The higher education domains are the envy of many in the world.  Students from other nations seek to expand their base of knowledge in America institutions of higher learning.  At the same time, advances in the primary and secondary settings have made American education more responsive.  The focus on all children succeeding is something that has become more dominant in the field of education in the last decade.  That cannot be a bad thing.  Additionally, the proliferation of technology in the classroom to assist with instruction and learning has made education more responsive.  Students are introduced to more technology at earlier ages, making them more savvy with technology and opening greater neurological pathways in the brain to assist with the learning process.  I think that teacher education programs have become more rigorous, expecting the younger teacher to know more and understand more about teaching and learning.  These are advancements in the field that do not necessarily spell decline, as much as they demonstrate how responsive education has become to challenges in the last decade.

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