Do you think African leaders later reconsidered their economic relationship with Europeans in the post-colonial era?

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African leaders in the post-colonial era may have wished to reconsider their economic relationship with the Europeans, but in reality, they found it difficult due to their countries' lack of development.

As a consequence, post-colonial African economies still found themselves heavily reliant on European technology, expertise, and investment to keep their economies going.

Many of the newly independent African economies relied on the export of minerals such as gold, diamonds, and bauxite. But only European countries, as well as other countries in the developed world such as the United States, had the necessary expertise to extract such minerals, and so African governments found themselves granting generous concessions to large multinational corporations in order to keep the flow of valuable minerals going.

African leaders in the immediate post-colonial era may well have wished that their countries were more independent and less reliant on Europe and other parts of the developed world for the development of their economies. But in actual fact, this simply wasn't feasible, and so, despite the fact that large parts of Africa became independent of political control from Europe, they remained very much in the grip of economic control from those who had ruled Africa for centuries.

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