• Do you see World War II as illustrating the triumph of democratic values or the failure of Western traditions?

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I don't see World War II as illustrating the triumph of democratic values or as the failure of Western traditions. It was a war resulting from many specific factors, including the aftermath of World War I and very geopolitical tensions in Europe. The Japanese entry into the war, in many way in response to seeing the European wars as an opportune moment to exact revenge on the west for colonialism, meant that World War II was not entirely a western issue.

The triumph of the Allies in World War II cannot be seen as a triumph of democracy, because much of the successful outcome was due to the defeat of Germany on the eastern front by Russia (and the Russian winter); since Russia was not a democracy, the war cannot be portrayed as democrats against fascists.  Much of the victory was also due to the United States and Canada being able to train soldiers and manufacture weapons out of range of Hitler's troops; thus one could call it a triumph of logistics.

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