Do you like Math?I dislike Math. Why? because I am not good at it. Although, I am very excellent in Art. :) Whats your opinion? Do you like Math? What subjects do you like? 

Expert Answers
vantyne14 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Math is not an easy topic but I feel you dislike math because you can't relate to it.  Also, you have not had a good math teacher.  A good math teacher can make anyone like math.  You need to findyour relationship with math.  How does it connect to you and the things you like.  There is so much math in art and it will be something that you will run into.  First example in my head is canvas dimensions, price of materials, discounts at art stores, my list goes on forever.  Everyone is good at math!

literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Math is a subject many people can struggle with. As stated above, people either love it or hate it. Regardless of this, one must accept the fact that math is an everyday part of life, especially as one gets older. I, myself, dislike math, but I do understand the importance of it.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Math is one of those things people either love or hate.  Some people prefer math because it is black and white, unlike some subjects that are mostly shades of gray.  Personally, I like math, but not always teaching it.

gelsaied | Student

I like math because it requires good problem solving skills and logic. If one can be skilled in math, than they will use those skills effectiely in other parts of their lives. Math effects every single subject in the world, and it is truly the moher of all sciences. Even if you don't personally enjoy math or you find it very diffciult, it's imprtant to appreciate it anyway, since it has done so much for us.

user9959216 | Student

i like it because it make me think all the time  it's fantastic and easy to learn juste be patient ;)

sesh | Student

I used to dislike maths in primary.. But actualy later I got a very good teacher, he could convince me the subject, and then Icould score well. I ther's a way for everything, when we catch that method, we can go forward, and if not we would go backwards with fear. Maths is going from known things to unknown things, and once we are interested, we wouldn't allow any sum to be remained without solved!!

celine123123 | Student

I used to dislike maths in primary because i wasn't very good at it, but I worked on it and now i'm much better and i find that i'm starting to enjoy it.

Don't give up on it! Maths is an essential subject for life. It's really important.

(But then again you might always hate it) but i think it's best you try enjoy it a bit because your stuck with maths for the rest of your life. It's one of the main subjects.

user804180 | Student

Even i dislike maths..Hi--5 ! why..evn idk !


suzannah304 | Student

Math likes you when you like it so it's better to like maths. And yes, the more you spend your time with it the more you will like it...experienced.

sweetskittles24 | Student

yeah, why not?

abadoodle | Student

I am very good at math, but that doesn't mean that I like it. Whether or not I like math usually depends on the difficulty of the topic that we are learning. If I understand the topic, then I love it. But, when I am completely and utterly confused by the topic, I hate it. 

luiji | Student

I don't like Math, but it's compulsory so we do it. As far as I'm concerned, Math should only get difficult for those who go on to do things like Engineering. However, for artists like yourself, or people like me who will never become an engineer or need complex math skills, it is a waste of time. Math has become so difficult for me now that I don't know what I'm doing, even though I'm following the steps. I was top of the class last year, but now I'm at the bottom of the hardest math course. It's just because I don't understand it anymore, and I can't picture what I'm doing. But that's enough complaining, I've said my point.

senioreeto | Student

YUP,I LIKE IT BECAUSE ITS EASY TO UNDERSTAND (though it becomes a headache at higher education level).

nicoledesilva | Student

I dislike math too! I love English, though!

broncoboy7 | Student


Despite what you may think, Math is not an easy subject. Not everyone gets it, but it is important in all aspects of life, and even an artist would need to learn the basics. Why? It could help with pricing if you sell your art, framing (dimensions) and even geometry can help your art be more aesthetically pleasing. I, on the other hand, love math. I have the best grade in my geometry (10th grade) class, and I am a freshman. Even though you dislike it, take enough of it (at least through High School) so that you have a general grasp on it for later in life. In college, it's up to you. I also like Science and Spanish, but that's just my preference. Hope this helps!

vampluver007 | Student

listen buddy,i think that you should go on with the subject you like reading it.There's no point struggling with a subject (like maths in your case),you dont wish to cant gain success in a particular matter untill and unless you show your full dedication to that thing.But,as I see you are just in 10th grade,I'l suggest you to carry on practising maths a bit more time,in a interesting way.May be you'll like it.Thats my little piece of suggestion pal.Lets see how you respond to it.Good luk.