How has God used your spiritual gifts for service to others?

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clairewait eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Based on the wording of this question, I am assuming it is meant to be both personal and reflective. I want to encourage you to use this answer as a means to help you get started on your own answer, as certainly your instructor is not looking for correctness, but honesty.

It might help to review the spiritual gifts mentioned in scripture. Depending on the church you attend or the specifics taught in this class, there may be discrepancies in certain gifts (some are thought to be currently obsolete), but as a practical guide, most Christians refer to 1 Corinthians chapter 12 and Romans chapter 12, where the following gifts are listed:

  • wisdom
  • knowledge
  • faith 
  • healing
  • miracles
  • prophesy
  • ability to distinguish between spirits
  • tongues
  • interpretation of tongues
  • teaching
  • service/hospitality
  • encouragement/exhortation
  • giving
  • mercy
  • leadership

Again, there are other gifts listed in various other New Testament scriptures, so this list is not exhaustive. Also, if you have ever taken a "Spiritual Gifts Assessment" you might find that there are more listed there.

In my ministry class in college I took my first Spiritual Gifts Assessment, and my top three gifts were determined to be faith, wisdom, and prayer (not listed above). At the time I was studying to become a teacher and was surprised by the fact that teaching did not make it into my top three.

Since then, however, I have come to realize that the assessment was probably accurate, and these three gifts continue to be the top three strengths I display when it comes to service in the body of Christ. For me, faith and prayer go hand in hand, and as a matter of habit first, and now a conscious commitment, I am diligent to remember my brothers and sisters in Christ in prayer. I am also diligent to follow up with them and encourage them through the reminder that their needs are continuously on my heart. I have personally experienced answer to prayer, which fuels my faith, and increases my desire to pray more.

Wisdom, as a gift, is something I am only now coming to understand. I believe that I have been gifted to explain things that are difficult or confusing in practical and applicable ways. This actually was one of the reasons for the bulk of my success as a teacher. I am a problem solver and a big picture thinker. I am often able listen to a complaint or an issue and tackle it from a perspective that no one has yet thought of. As a result, I frequently find myself in a position of encouragement (again) and help to people who have specific needs, questions, and confusion. I have used this gift in youth ministry, women's ministry, and with various small group discussions. Though I am not currently serving in a specific ministry role within my church, I am reminded on a weekly basis of my part in the body, and that I am both necessary and helpful.

Hopefully, as you look at your own life through the lens of the spiritual gifts, you can see one or two things you are particularly strong in, and seek to discover how you might already be using these things with other believers.