Do you know the page numbers that helped you figure out where each place in Maycomb is?what helped to figure out where each house is? for example, miss maudies house is next to mrs. duboses house.

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dogtales eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here are some page numbers that site where some of the places in Maycomb are.

-p. 12:  Miss Haverford's house

-p. 14:  the Radley place

-p. 22:  the school

-p. 40: the live oak tree

-p. 57:  Miss Maudie's house

-p. 108: Mrs. Dubose's house

-p. 128:  Calpurnia's church

-p. 160-161:  overall way and layout of downtown

-p. 181: the Ewell's house

-p. 182:  Tom Robinson's neighborhood

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