Do you have the summary of chapter 25 of The Shakespeare Stealer?

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Chapter 25 begins as Nick spies Widge just as he is going to break into the chest and steal the copy f the play. Nick, expecting Widge to help him, tells him to join him inside the room quietly. However, Widge defies him and threatens to call for help. Nick challenges Widge, and Widge manages to get hold of a stage-sword and fights Nick, knocking the copy of the play from his hands. Nick, in anger, fights back until he thrusts the sword above the belt of Widge. Horrified, Widge watches as blood wells out from the wound. Nick grabs the book and flees.

Sander comes in and sees Widge, and finds out that it is just the blood bag that Nick struck and that Widge is fine. Widge tells Mr. Armin about Nick and his robbery, and the two of them run after him, getting into another boat and following him as he goes up the Thames. The boatman unfortunately causes the boat to capsize as they shoot the bridge, and as the waters descend around Widge, he things he is going to die.

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