Do you have Spanish teachers on board?Do you have Spanish teachers on board?

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If your question is whether the school district where we work employs teachers to work for the Spanish program, my answer would be "yes."

As part of a federal initiative presented in 2006 by the Under Secretary of Defense, all schools operating in military bases will start teaching foreign language under the Foreign Language in the Elementary School (FLES) initiative. This program was originally intended to create fully-proficient young adult students attending federally-funded schools by the time they leave high school. The students would begin their FLES academics from Kindergarten through fifth grade beginning with Spanish. When they get to middle school, these same students would learn Mandarin Chinese for the three years of middle school. Later on in high school the focus would be Farsi. 

Some districts within our organization are following the plan verbatim, while others tailor it to their specific needs. However, the one factor that remains consistent among many of our schools is that the FLES -Spanish component is the strongest one of the initiative. Perhaps they see how demographics show the immense growth of the Hispanic population, and the eventual need to learn to speak the language.

Do not be surprised if you get more responses after mine, since FLES is disseminating broadly among many districts. This is because it is an effective program based on interaction, music, and multiple intelligences.

evyevy | Student

I am native from Peru and a Spanish teacher graduated from the University of North Florida. I will like to know how can I find this program in Jacksonville, Fl. I very interested in teaching children since my prior experience is teaching k-6 grades.