Do you have an outline for "The Lord" by Guardini featuring a summary for the work?

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Yes, eNotes has a nice summary that I will outline for you below.  Further, we have other pages on appropriate themes and critical commentary.  (I placed those links below the answer for you.)

  • Looking for a Leader
  • Before World War II, the Germans were looking for a savior to save them from all political ills.  Hitler became that misguided savior.  Of course, Guardini makes clear what a grave error this was.
  • A Personal Savior Like No Other
  • Guardini now chronicles his own conversion story through the study of all the great deities.  Guardini decides that Jesus is the most appropriate in that he is fully human and, therefore, always fully approachable.  Jesus, Guardini decides, is the ultimate example of God's love both in action and in expression.
  • Trust in the ONE Savior:  Part I, the Meditations
  • Guardini wishes to make completely clear that JESUS is this one savior, not Hitler (as he would have his countrymen believe).  So all of these meditations (other parts of the outline could be subdivided here) are contemplations on this idea.  Jesus is the one leader in whom we can have complete trust:  both human AND divine.  (Hitler, of course, was only human.)  Eighty six in all, these homilies chronicle Christ's life on earth all the way through his ascent back into heaven. 
  • Part II:  "Message and Promise"
  • In regards to virtues, humility, love, mercy, and peace should be valued above all.  These can overcome evil and sin.
  • Part III:  "The Decision"
  • The decision spoken of here is Jesus' decision:  the decision to suffer and die for the earth's people.  Jesus had to freely give his life in order to save everyone from sin.
  • Part IV:  "On the Road to Jerusalem"
  • This section focuses on poverty and humility.  It outlines the life of a disciple and follows Christ as he journeys closer to death in Jerusalem.
  • Part V:  "The Last Days"
  • Here defining humility and love, Jesus' last days upon the earth before death are described.  The Eucharist and the gift of His body is the focus of this part.  However, the agony and death of Christ are also a feature.
  • Part VI:  Resurrection & Apparition
  • This part recounts the resurrection of Jesus and all of His appearances to His disciples after His death.  The Ascension and early church history are also recorded here as well as Christ's "new" role as "high priest" and "judge."
  • Part VII:  The Lamb in Revelation
  • Of course, this part focuses on the book of Revelation and the image of Christ as the Lamb of God.  All of the symbols and figures are described and explained here.  Many scholars believe that the book of Revelation is just a magnificent retelling of early church history.
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