do you have a list of the five main events from each season in the book?

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A list of main events for each season might look like this:

Spring:  Slewfoot kills the sow, Julia is hurt in the hunt for Slewfoot, Penny and Jody visit the Forresters to trade for a gun, Oliver comes back from the sea, Jody risks his friendship with Fodder Wing by helping Oliver in a fight

Summer:  Penny and Jody hunt for their hogs, Penny is snakebit, Penny kills a doe to use her liver to draw out the poison, Jody finds a fawn, Fodder Wing dies

Autumn:  The big rainstorm strikes, settlers try to salvage their crops, plague hits the wildlife, Slewfoot kills a hog, Flag begins to be destructive

Winter:  Penny kills Slewfoot, the Baxters cannot keep Flag from destroying their crops, Jody kills Flag, Jody runs away, Jody returns home with newfound maturity

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