Do you have any input into your organization's decisions?

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Of course, different people have different amounts of input in to the decisions that their organizations make.  They can have formal input or informal input.  They can have input on some decisions and not on others.  That is certainly how it is for me.

I am, of course, a teacher.  I taught most recently in a small school district.  That meant that I had a fair amount of input into some aspects of my organization’s decision making.  I was the only teacher of social studies for the 11th and 12th grade in the whole district so I got to have a great deal of say in the making of the social studies curriculum.  Because we had very few teachers, I also got some say, as one of the teachers, in various issues having to do with school-wide matters.

On some decisions, I had informal input.  The athletic director might ask me what I thought of a certain applicant for a coaching position since I had coached with that person.  On other decisions, I had no input at all.  I had nothing to do with creating the science curriculum.  I was not involved in the decision to renovate the gym and the cafeteria.

In short, I had formal input on some issues, informal input on others, and no input on others.  I suspect that this is true of most people who are part of an organization. 

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