The Great Gatsby Questions and Answers
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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Do you find that lies and deceit occur in the novel The Great Gatsby? Also, do you think that lies and deceit are a better theme than power. lies and deceit was a theme i have changed from power. Do you think that this theme is better than power also can you help me decode some questions I have found online that can help me out with this theme for writing my essay.At one point, Jordan claims that Nick deceived her. Is this true? Or was Jordan deceiving Nick? What kind of dishonesty is she talking about, anyway?There is an interesting scene where Jordan Baker and Nick discuss the fact that a "bad" driver is all-right until he meets another one. This forms a significant moment later in the novel when Jordan recognizes that Nick is not who she thought he was. How does this relate to the transformation Daisy undergoes as she realizes Gatsby is not who she thought he was?Nick briefly mentions that Tom discovered Daisy’s deception very close to the time that Wilson discovered that of his own wife. How do these men each deal with the discovery? Does it make them seem more similar, or highlight their differences? Check out what Nick says about it.Nick assures us he is "one of the few honest people" he knows. How does this affect the way we read his story? Do we trust his narration?Are Nick and Gatsby more similar than Nick would like to admit? Is it possible to see Nick and Gatsby as possessing the same fundamental characteristic – deception?In the showdown scene at the Plaza, Daisy Buchanan is ultimately honest with her husband and Gatsby despite what she might lose. Why does she choose honesty?  

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Dishonesty and deceit are seen numerous times in the behavior of the novel's characters. Some of the main plot elements are based in these acts of deceit and dishonesty. If one sees adultery as deceitful and dishonest, then Gatsby and Daisy's clandestine affair is an example of such behavior. But since Daisy is well aware that her husband Tom is also unfaithful to her, she justifies her behavior because she imagines she is still in love with Gatsby, the lover of her youth.

Gatsby and Daisy think they can recapture the romance and passion they shared when they were younger, and this is also a form of self-deception. Deep down they may know too many things have changed for them to be together; but they cling desperately to this delusional fantasy anyway.

Gatsby and Daisy's behavior forms a large web of deceit and dishonesty; but within that web there are smaller lies and acts of deceit that add up. For example, when Daisy hits Tom's lover...

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