Is Montresor A Reliable Narrator

In "The Cask of Amontillado," is Montresor a reliable narrator?

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Montresor is not a real person but a character created by Edgar Allan Poe. I cannot believe that Poe wanted his narrator to be unreliable, because that would throw his whole story into question. I do not believe that Poe was mainly interested in analyzing Montresor's character but in using him to commit a horrible deed and to serve as the narrator of the entire event.

Many people have expressed doubt that Montresor actually suffered a thousand injuries from Fortunato, which leads them to conclude that Montresor must be totally insane and delusional. If so, then the entire story must be read as an insane delusion. But Montresor seems totally rational to me. He would have to be a very complicated character to be insane and delusional and at the same time to be totally rational and capable of making the most exacting long-term plans. This is not impossible, but this is a short story and Poe would have had to devote half of it to developing this one character, not unlike Robert Browning in...

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