Do you feel that our current educational system has been overly feminized?

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I am sure you will get much in way of argument or discussion out of this one.  I guess I don't feel that our current approach to education is one of excessive feminizing.  I would be interested to see where exactly the overly feminized notion of education exists.  I think that we have become more aware to how to encourage the discussion of women's issuse in the classroom setting and more aware of gender issues in how education is constructed.  For example, there has been greater awareness in the last two decades as to how educators and stakeholders can do a better job in encouraging young girls' competitiveness in the fields of math and science.  The gender issue in these fields are still present, but authors like Danica McKellar are doing their part to raise awareness to such a disparity and creating practical solutions to help to remedy such a condition.  I don't see this as "overly feminizing" the fields, as much as seeking to provide a level playing field and providing equity.  I do think that another discussion in our schools has started and must be continued and expanded.  The habits of boys to engage in sexual harassment and unwanted physical or verbal advances has been something that schools are taking much more seriously.  Teaching habits to reduce and hopefully eliminate sexual harassment is not "overly feminizing" as much as teaching young boys that professionalism is needed in public settings.  I think that more in these fields are needed, but a starting point has been evident in the policies and practices of schools.  These endeavors are not ones that I see "overly feminizing" schools as much as making them more reflective to the reality that girls and boys find themselves as women and men.