Do you ever give 100%?A lot of teachers have grudges about giving 100%, 20/20 or full marks. They justify this by arguing that nothing is perfect, and that there is always room for improvement....

Do you ever give 100%?

A lot of teachers have grudges about giving 100%, 20/20 or full marks. They justify this by arguing that nothing is perfect, and that there is always room for improvement.

Even with the most outstanding works, do you ever give full marks? Why or why not? Discuss :).

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My preference for scoring essays is to use rubrics that clearly define the goals of the assignment. Not every essay assignment is graded on the same criteria.

This ends up meaning that I often give 100% because students often demonstrate a mastery of the specific concepts being graded.

Pushing students toward improvement does not, in my opinion, mandate any kind of grade ceiling.

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I give students rubrics that lay out my expectations, and if students fulfill all of them, they get a grade of 100. Fulfilling expectations and achieving perfection are two different things, and a perfect score rewads the latter without implying the former.

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One of the things teachers try to do is to encourage students to work at their highest level, and then take it a bit higher still. One of the ways of helping students to understand that we really do value their best efforts is by setting the bar pretty high, making a "perfect" score something that does take some real effort to achieve.

I gave 100% scores when students got all answers correct on objective tests. I didn't often give 100% scores on projects or papers because there is always something that could be improved or added to make it better. I did give that perfect score for truly outstanding work, but it had to be special to get it.

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It depends. I doubt I have ever given 100% on a term paper because, as you said, there is always room for improvement. However, I certainly give full marks on many other tasks. Tests, quizzes, homework, and in-class assignments frequently achieve full marks. It really depends on the type of task and how I am grading that task. It is important for students to feel a sense of achievement as well. I think never giving full marks can be discouraging. Some students will not try their best if they know they cannot receive full marks no matter what they do. Different type of activities and different styles of grading offer each student a chance to succeed and play to their personal strengths.
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In addition to the obvious 100s that are given on perfect objective tests, I often give a 100 on subjectively graded work, especially homework, when the student has made the effort to complete the assignment in an efficient and timely manner. I have no problem with this, since by the end of the term, the number of "A" 's I give are usually relatively low.

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I sometimes do, always realizing, of course, that few things are perfect.  Once students have met one set of expectations, I then try to "raise the bar" by offering them something more challenging to do.  Thus, work that might have received an A for one assignment might not receive an A for the second assignment, and so on.

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Very, very rarely. It depends a lot on the kind of assignment. I hardly ever give 100% for essays, as there is always something that could be done to make it more perfect. I myself have never received 100% for an essay. However, clearly for tests or multiple choice quizzes, you can achieve 100%.

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Yes, I do give full credit. I know some teachers don't because they want to give students "something to shoot for" as they say. However, I beleive in setting clear expectations and working with students to help them get there. If they do, they deserve full credit.
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When I saw the title, I thought you were asking if I ever give 100% effort in anything I do and I thought that was a very interesting question.

But as to the question you have asked, yes, I do sometimes give full marks to student work.  Of course, I do it most often on objective tests where I can't deny a student has gotten everything right.  But there are times I do it even on more subjective things.  My reasoning is that a person can do everything that I would expect from a high school student.  It doesn't mean it's perfect work, just that it's all of what I could have expected.

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I would say it depends on the type test and assignment.

Objective tests: Yes - It is very obvious and there is no latitude.

Class test, quizzes and homework: Yes - if the student comes with the work he/she is expected to do in the given limited time.

Term Papers (Other than Math) and Projects: Yes for Math Term papers only. For others, I don't remember having given 100% to someone. There is a lot of time to prepare and there is always room for improvement considering the given time span.

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I support ravendaily8... ^_*
A lot of teachers do not give students "full marks."
As a student I do not know why?!
But I got a rate of 98% in middle school.
Because the science teacher refused to give me "full marks",
on the grounds that "there is no work perfect on earth!!!".