Do you eat a mango hard soft or in between?

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That's funny -- I have not seen a question about mangoes on here before...

Here in America, I have never seen a mango sold when it was hard.  They are sold already ripe and relatively soft.

Where I grew up (in Micronesia), though, people usually ate mangoes when they were still green and hard.  They would not eat them straight, but rather with stuff.  Usually, they would dip them in soy sauce, or even in a mixture of soy sauce and salt, if you can imagine how salty that would be...  Sometimes they were dipped in hot stuff like chili powder.

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Mangoes can be eaten many different ways. One of the ways that I eat mangoes was taught to me by my friend from Korea.  She sliced green mangoes, put them onto lettuce, lightly browned steak in thin slices, mixed it with the lettuce (finely chopped), and sprinkled lemon, salt, and pepper over it.  Put it in the oven until the lettuce wilts and eat it.

My children eat Mangoes medium or very ripe.  We put the really ripe ones in a blender, add yogurt, and eat it as breakfast. 

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well in a lot of latin stores you will find hard green mangoes and there are also soft mangoes

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