Do you consider William Wordsworth to be more a romantic poet than a poet of nature?refer to three poems to support the answer

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If the question posed attempts to make a choice, I would have to try to split the child on this one.  I believe that Wordsworth is a Romantic poet, of whom the love of nature is a critical element.  For example in poems such as "The Solitary Reaper," Romantic themes of wonderment and imagination are brought about through a respect and love of the natural setting which make such elements possible.  In his "Daffodils" poem, one can see how the notion of individuality is revealed through the reverence of nature.  In both of these poems, nature and the natural world are essential to deliver the emotional sensibility and embrace of the individual sense of self.  Finally, in his poem "Composed Upon Westminster Bridge," the power of nature is evident in the opening lines and throughout the poem as Wordsworth suggests that there is a natural beauty evident when the world can simply be observed with a sense of stillness and aborption, as opposed to being in such a hurried and conformist state where one can no longer appreciate its distinctive glory.

subrataray | Student

William Wordsworth is more a poet of nature than a romantics poet . In his Tin tern Abbey he admits that he is a worshiper of nature .Nature to him is a kind mother ,-the nurse ,guide , and guardian of his moral being .He believes that Nature never did betray the heart that loved her .All these are the poet's declaration to his attitude to Nature .

Again , foggy weather , murmuring -stream ,dancing daffodils ,prime-rose path ,lofty mountain ,beauteous evening ,lake ,sea ,birds, etc vivify the poet's love for nature .

The poet's imagination does not belong to the category of secondary imagination , which is the prime virtue of a romantic-poet .In this sense Coleridge and Shelley , are romantic poets , Wordsworth is not .