Do you consider Paul's death ironic?Do you consider paul's death ironic in the story "The rocking horse winner"?

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Paul selflessness in riding his rocking horse in a frenzy to determine the winners of the horse races is what drives him to death; moreover, it is, ironically, a selflessness that is unrecognized by his selfish mother who thinks only of her own imagined plight. Paul dies from love for his mother, but her heart is "a stone."


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Yes, Paul’s death is ironic because his mother was completely selfish.  He died because of her.  He was tryingto help her so she could have all she needed.  She was at a party while he was getting sicker and sicker.  She was not able to see what he was doing for her sake.  The sexual/Oedipus element is ironic too.  The Oedipus complex suggests that a boy wants to possess his mother, and the rocking horse riding can be considered a sexual metaphor. 


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