Do you believe that the Electoral College vote should take precedence over popular vote? Why or why not?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For me, I don't think the Electoral College is useful anymore.  My major problem with it is that it makes the people who are in the minority in any given state completely lose their say in any presidential election.

Under the current system, all the people who vote for the losing candidate in a state may as well not have existed.  Their candidate does not benefit from their vote.  To me, this is not very democratic.

So I would like to see the Electoral College abolished because it would allow everyone's vote to count.


Although that's my opinion, here's the most usual argument FOR the Electoral College:

It is supposed to make the states matter more.  If it were not for the Electoral College, people say, candidates would ignore small "battleground" states and only pay attention to the big states where there are way more people.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This is a fairly powerful question.  In analyzing the electoral college's presence, I think that the arguments against it are quite persuasive and present.  I would like to posit a convincing reason why its presence should be maintained.  Part of what the framers designed in the Constitution was a government that was fearful of "the worst case scenario."  Principles such as checks and balances, as well as limited government and separation of powers were employed to prevent a government that resembled the monarchy of King George, the animating spirit behind Colonial discontent.  In conceiving of the electoral college system, a buffer in between the people and the leaders they elect, the framers developed a "last line of defense" in the event of a rogue government elected by the people.

M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

While I personally do not agree in this model of anachronism, I do agree that we should preserve the conservative ideals that our constitution states and those which our founding fathers drafted. Why? Not because of my political preferences, but because the United States of America is a country that has a government like very few and yet is targeted, attacked, threatened, and bullied by other countries precisely because we have managed to combine both the old and the new and still transfrorm it. Our country has a magic like no other, and our sense of patriotism is what makes us unique. Hence, whichever way our forefathers and our constitution decided that we should choose our leader, should simply remain that way. The American way should never change.

bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I believe the electoral college is an outdated mode of determining our nation's president. The presidential election is the only one in which the electoral college is used, and it has never been adapted for any individual state tabulations. It virtually negates the primary voting procedure--the popular vote--and in several elections over the years, the electoral college has reversed the final victor of the popular vote. It is outdated, unnecessary and actually works against--not in conjunction with--the popular voting procedure favored by the large majority of the nation. It is a process that can actually elect the least popular candidate--surely not an outcome that our founding fathers envisioned.