Do you believe that artificial intelligence will take over the accounting duties of an accountant? Justify your position.

While the answer to this question is a matter of opinion, some would argue that artificial intelligence is definitely capable of taking over the accounting duties of an accountant.

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In order to help you answer your question, I am going to argue the point that artificial intelligence may well take over the role of an accountant in the future.

One of the main tasks that an accountant would normally deal with is preparing a tax return for a company. However, this could most definitely be done easily by artificial intelligence, as long as the company enters all its financial data into a system. This could be done easily via an app, for example. This app could then be linked to a spreadsheet on an accounting software that will allow artificial intelligence to complete the tax return without any need for human interference, as long as all the necessary information and algorithms have been entered into the system correctly.

You could also mention the fact that accountants often advise companies on budgets as an example where artificial intelligence could easily take over. A software could be developed that monitors a company's spending, triggering an alarm once a certain threshold in spending has been reached. A well-developed software would then be able to suggest to the company areas in which the company could aim to reduce their spending in order to not increase their overall spending any further.

Likewise, if a certain threshold has not been reached by a certain time, this software could highlight to the company areas where the remaining money could be spent instead. These are all tasks that would normally be undertaken by an accountant, but they could be easily done by artificial intelligence.

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