Why do male victims of sexual assault have a more difficult time than woman do when making a police report?

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If male victims do have a harder time with this, it is because of the sex roles that our society has assigned to men and women.

One of the major aspects of male sex roles in our society is the need to be strong.  Men are supposed to be able to take care of themselves.  There is also (though this may be fading) a strong aversion among many to the idea of male homosexuality.  When combined, these make it hard for a man to file a police report.  By being sexually assaulted, the man has shown he cannot take care of himself.  In addition, he may open himself to being labeled as a homosexual.

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Yes, I do believe that male victims of sexual assault have more difficult time than women do when making a police report. Why? Simply because male victims of sexual assault could not easily expressed their feelings especially on the traumatic event they’ve experienced. In addition, male victims often times hide the traumatic experience like sexual assault they experienced just to deny by themselves that they weren’t the victims of that traumatic event and by nature or in our society usually males are having compensatory mechanism, by showing to everyone that they are “macho” or always strong even in the midst of emotional or personal problems. Unlike women that could easily express their feelings especially on that sexual assault that really brought shame on their part-so for them to be in a comfort zone they just quickly give police report.