Do you believe the Greeks’ obsession with the body is prevalent in society today?

Expert Answers
literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Simon Goldhill, in The Perfect Body: Love, Sex & Tragedy: How the Ancient World Shapes Our Lives, defines the Greeks' obsession with the human body as the most influential factor in modern society. For Goldhill, the image of the perfect body stems from one place: Greece.

Goldhill states that ancient Greece was much like modern day societies based upon the constant bombardment of the perfect body. Like modern day underware ads, ancient Greek civilizations plastered images of grand heroes, perfect athletes, and toned gods in al public and private spaces. One could imagine that even the people of Greece had self-image issues.

Given the constant images of the muscular and thin human body in advertisements and commercials, one could only "fault" the Greeks for their own obsessions with the human body. Other artistic periods depict voluptuous full-figured people, not toned and perfected bodies. The Greeks were the ones who first idolized the sculpted and muscular body. Therefore, they must be the ones to blame for modern society's obsession.