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Do you believe an offender who has done prison time should not be penalized upon return to society, or do you believe that an offender who has violated society's rules should be precluded from employment, voting, and so on?

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I believe that the prison time an offender serves is his penalty. Once it is served, the offender has been punished for his crime and should no longer have to pay for it. Otherwise, one mistake or a relatively minor crime becomes a life sentence of being consigned to poverty and non-participation in a democracy.

As public intellectual Time Wise writes in his book Culture of Cruelty, the United States today has become a cruel society that blames the victim and penalizes the poor. To me, it seems cruel to further punish a person who has already paid a heavy price due to spending time in a miserable prison by then denying him access to a way of life that brings dignity and self sufficiency.

It forces society to have to support the former prisoner if he is not...

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