Do you allow some people to interrupt you more than others? Why?Do you allow some people to interrupt you more than others? Why?

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think I allow people to interrupt me more or less based on a number of factors:

  • With young kids, I allow other people's kids to interrupt more than my own.  I don't feel it's my responsibility or my place to correct other people's kids, but I do feel it's important for me to teach my own kids to be polite.
  • Among my own kids, I allow the younger one a little more leeway than the older.  I expect the older to be more polite since she has had longer to learn the rules.
  • Among people in general, I suppose that I allow people to interrupt more if I like them more.  I won't get angry at someone for interrupting if they are my friend.
krcavnar | Student

I think there are factors at play that have nothing to do with whether we like or dislike the speaker.  One depends upon the type of listener we are – active, passive, distracted.  Some people naturally are active listeners and are engaged in the conversation and are less likely to interrupt.  However, other listeners may be distracted by the environment, the significance of the topic of conversation, and the authority and power assigned to the person whom is speaking.  People who are have a high aptitude and/or academic achievements are more likely to interrupt others who are not as proficient.  The more assertive the personality the more likely they are to interrupt.  The less assertive or introspective a person the more likely you will allow a person to interrupt.