In Hamlet, do you agree with the way the soliloquy was acted on stage, and how do you feel Hamlet is 'coping' with tragedy?

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mitchrich4199 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To really answer this question, I would have to know what version of the play you were talking about. That being said, we can learn a lot from the question, because of what it asked.

The beauty of a Shakespeare play, or any play for that matter, is that it is yours for the taking. By seeing it, you become a participant in it. This is because you are thinking about it and coming to your own conclusions about the characters, the plot and what you think will happen next. As such, YOU, jenny321, become a participating playwright in the same way that I am a playwright whenever I see a play.

This is what makes it fun and worth talking about. It doesn't matter whether you agree with the interpretation or not. What matters is what you think about it in the context of the overall performance. What does the performance mean to you?