Do you agree with Terri that "there was love there" in "What We Talk About When We Talk About Love"? 

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I agree with Terri when she argues that "there was love there" when she recounts her relationship with Ed.  Carver's story itself challenges our ideas of what love means and suggests that the perception of love varies among individuals.  Terri argues that her ex-husband Ed must have loved her because he was willing to die for that love, and Mel just cannot accept that Ed was anything but crazy.  Ironically, he then says that he wishes his ex-wife were dead, but he says that there was a time in his past when he loved her more than anything.  Mel cannot account for this dramatic shift in feeling no more than he can try to understand Terri's point about Ed.  So I do agree with Terri--maybe Ed did not love her in the way that she wanted to be loved, but Ed had his own ideas about what love meant to him.

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