Do you agree with my opinion that death can cause people to come together? That death brings people closer? Explain! Why or why not? In the book Out of the Dust, I believe that due to Ma's death this somehow brought together Billie Jo and Pa. Before Ma's death Pa and Billie Jo, didn't have the best relationship, due to the fact that Pa always wanted a boy instead of a girl. But after Ma's death Pa and Billie Jo began speaking to one another, hangin out, and so on.

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Death often causes people to reexamine their own life, to prioritize, and to try to live more fully. In that way, it can lead people to give up old grudges, to spend more quality time with loved ones, etc.. Furthermore, grief is a powerful emotion that can either bring people together or drive them apart, depending on how well it is handled. Certainly, death can bring people closer.

As for Pa (Bayard) and Billie Jo, the latter seems likely. The grief caused...

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