Do you agree with Canada's immigration laws?

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 Canadian immigration Laws are generally very liberal when compared to other developed economies. They are very open towards political refugees and asylum seekers and provide a host of services towards new immigrant integration. One of the key aspects of the regular Canadian immigration system is the points based immigrant visa process. Canada is a very large country but is sparsely populated, so they actively encourage immigration. However they generally seek out immigrants who have skills that are needed in the country or who are seen as able to make an active contribution to the society. So in order to make sure immigrant visa applicants are selected on merit, a point based system is used. Points and rankings are made on application based on the candidate’s age, education, life and job experience and other key performance indicators. A candidate that meets the minimum criteria is moved along in the process and those that do not are passed along, unless there are some other extraneous circumstances that call for exceptions to the rule.

This is generally a good policy because it allows Canada to shore up its population while at the same time making sure they get immigrants that can contribute the most to society. 

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