Do you agree that teenagers are only interested in entertainment?  Why or why not?Essay help!

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I guess it's only natural that today's teens are saturated with various forms of visual entertainment. Growing up in an era with only three TV channels, one movie theatre in the town, and little chance to see live entertainment, it's easy for me to agree with the statement. Teens today seem to become bored if they aren't being entertained in some form every minute they are awake. In the classroom, students continuously complain that "I'm bored" or "This is sooo boring" when they are forced to read silently or complete paperwork. Students certainly seem to be more interested when they are doing various forms of classwork on the computer instead of being subjected to old fashioned techniques such as lecturing or silent reading. But there are still some students whose parents regulate their intake of computer/TV time; so, no, not all teens are only interested in being entertained, but sometimes it certainly seems that way.

Doug Stuva eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'll answer with a little double talk:  students are interested when something interests them.  Do adults read materials they are not interestd in when they have a choice?  If we have to do something we have to do then we do it, but we don't necessarily like it.  When we have a choice, we do things we like. 

Readings (I'm just using reading as an example; we could talk about anything) that are about something students are interested in, interest them.  Readings about subjects students aren't interested in, don't interest them. 

The question, then, may be:  what kinds of things interest students?  What kinds of things entertain them?  We all want to be entertained. 

M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If entertainment is another word for instant gratification and motivational activity then my answer would be "yes" AND that such is the interest of PLENTY adults these days as well. Nobody really likes to carry with responsibilities nor having to pay bills, needing a job, nor doing work? I sure don't. However, it was quite entertaining to me to go to  school for a bunch of years to become an expert at what I do, precisely because is what I love to do the most. THAT to me would be entertainment. One has to realize that entertainment can take the form of very good and responsible things as long as it motivates and drives you to a purpose or goal.

pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Teenagers are like anyone else.  Some are only interested in entertainment and others aren't.  And some (most?) are interested in different things at different times.

I have ex-student Facebook friends, for example, who can be passionate about things like band and like helping people they know who are in distress (families that have had kids die, for example).  But the same students can turn around and seem really shallow in their next post.  They're people...

If I were writing this essay, I'd look for examples among my friends or classmates.  It should be fairly doable to find examples of both "good" and "bad" behavior...

mstultz72 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Not only are MOST teenagers, but MOST Americans are interested mainly in entertainment.

This is the "Age of Show" and "the Age of Information" because we are so consumed with the barrage of multi-media glitter that shortens our attention-spans, dumbs down our language, undercuts our real-life relationships, and makes us a passive and egoist culture.

We watch more than we read, type and text more than we handwrite, and google and wiki more than we glean the pages of actual books.  The great worry is that we cannot tell the difference between entertainment and its opposites.

copelmat eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Like others have said above, I do not agree that teenagers are only interested in entertainment. All human beings suffer from this idea at one time or another. It is often during the teenage years, however, the society begins to expect the individual to "push through" shallow entertainment and begin to put more thought and effort into their endeavors. However, given that we all live in a world pregnant with consumerism, this can often be exceedingly difficult. As Kurt Cobain sang: "Here we are now, entertain us."

anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Every teenager is a unique individual. They can't all be lumped into one category. Adults like entertainment as a diversion from the work day;teens like a break from study. Many teens use their free time for charitable works like Special Olympics. Others work a job to pay for a car or college. There are some who spend all their free time on the phone, computer, or gaming system, but that's their parents' fault. After all, who bought it? Who is supposed to set boundaries for their use?

brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I've taught for 17 years, and I have found that teenagers are interested in a whole variety of things.  Entertainment is certainly one of them, and as it is often boring to live at home with one's parents, entertainment can become a convenient escape.  I wouldn't necessarily say they are more or less interested in entertainment than generations past, it is just more easily accessible and affordable than it used to be, so it seems that they spend more time in entertainment pursuits.

accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think we need to be wary of underestimating the average teenager. Whilst entertainment may play a significant part of their lives, we do them an injustice in thinking them superficial and fixated only on entertainment. Many teenagers have so many other facets to their character that perhaps it is more difficult for adults to perceive or grasp. Don´t make the mistake of going by appearances only!

besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think the question here is what kind of entertainment are we talking about. Are we talking about things like video games, movies, television, etc. My teenage daughter finds reading to be incredibly entertaining and she would much rather read a book (one that she is interested in of course) rather than watch television. So in this sense, she is concerned with staying entertained. But who isn't?

booksnmore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No, I don't think that teenagers are only interested in entertainment. Although perhaps we need to define "entertainment." I know teenagers who are compelled to pursue talents, to make the world a better place, to become artists, musicians, actors, etc. I think a lot of us are interested in entertainment...teens are no different...but I don't think it's their only interest.

lrwilliams eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I would say that today's teenagers are used to being entertained. From the time they were old enough to play a video game they have had that opportunity for entertainment, even the way alot of teachers present lessons to students is entertaining. The use of powerpoints, youtube videos, etc, did not even exist in classrooms 15 or 20 years ago.

thewanderlust878 | Student

I don't think that teenagers are only interested in entertainment. I believe that while they are greatly interested in it, I think that other things matter to them as well. For most, getting a good education, developing friendships and strengthening family bonds are of the upmost importance. And above all I think that teens are the most interested in finding out who they truly are and what their place is in this very hectic world. Forms of entertainment could help them discover this, such as playing video games and realizing that their passion lies in creating fantasy worlds, but I do not believe that it is the only thing they care about. 

Hope this helps!

jess1999 | Student

It is true that a lot of teenagers  love entertainments but not everyone loves the same entertainment . For example , some teenagers find music entertaining , while other might find reading entertaining . Also , I believe that it is not just teenagers who finds loves entertainment , but basically everyone loves entertainment . Without having any enjoyment our life would just be dull and boring . 

ik9744 | Student

As a teenager I'd like to answer this question. We [the teenagers] are very addicted to entertainment. For example where is the number one place to find a teenager boy[12-16ish]? Well probably at home playing video games because it is entertaining. Another good place is playing sport as a hobby. Playing sports is also entertaining. To be honest I have nothing really to do except for entertainment and sport. Entertainment sucks you in while you're still a teenager which can be severely bad in some cases due to what the entertainment is. If the entertainment includes any technology devices then it's bad. It'll affect you vision a lot! Back in the days there wasn't as many people wearing glasses as of now... On the other hand if the entertainment is something like sports, then it wouldn't harm you at all! To be honest I think everything us the teenager do is entertaining, it's just the person's taste. For example I think doing math is entertaining, which many people could possibly fall asleep in, while the teacher is doing a lecture. One very bad entertainment is spray painting or ruining public or even private property. For example if you get grounded [Can't watch tv, play video games, sports, etc], you'll get a feeling of doing something different. Some people could go to potential drug use or even ruining public or private property. So my advice for teenagers is to stay away from technology one single bit at a time, so at the end... When you get grounded or the thing gets taken away, you'll be able to live life as normal. 

Short Answer:

teenager love entertainment due to the fact that we are addicted to it. Once we suddenly stop using entertainment for a few days, we'll start to panic and try to do something fun... usually getting you into more trouble.

nusratfarah | Student

First of all, I guess you mean recreational fun jobs through entertainment.

Entertainment is not only bound for teens only. The way of culturing the mindset and observing the surroundings of the teens are very different from those of the adults and the children. Since, this period is quite sensitive, girls and boys face a change in themselves along with the approach of others towards them; and they find it not that easy to incorporate themselves with the surrounding. They feel more comfortable in spending time with their own likings. In fact, in each period of life, human does have particular liking and trend.

That is why a teen feels easier in his or her world, and how s/he would enjoy the life, it is very much dependent on one's mindset, mentality, values, and cultural belief. It might be entertainment which one can prioritize through which s/he can enjoy the life, or one can prioritize studies, or other jobs. But, whatever be the priority, to make the full use of life, no single teen focuses solely on entertainment as the principal job of his or her life.