Do you agree that Frankenstein is the "true murderer"?Do you agree that Frankenstein is the "true murderer"?

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In his novel, Notre-Dame de Paris [The Hunchback of Notre Dame], a friend of Claude Frollo warns him of the dangers of his experiments in alchemy, saying that Frollo is much like the insect caught in a spider's web who having penetrated too far, cannot escape.  Similarly, Victor Frankenstein, in his act of hubris, penetrates the web of evil too far and is unable to withdraw himself.

Once Frankenstein has formed his creature, his responsibilities become manifest.  But, having embraced his new role as creator, Frankenstein cannot bring himself to destroy it, even though he has made it.  Having fled from its ugliness, Frankenstein does not pursue it, instead permitting the creature to slay his brother William in all his innocence.  Then, in order to protect himself, Victor allows Justine to to be implicated in the murder.  When the creature demands that he have a partner, Victor feels sanctimonious about not allowing him to have a mate.  However, in so doing, he jeopardizes the beautiful Elizabeth and sets a long chain of events into motion that affects even his best friend, Henry Clerval.  Responsible for the deaths and destruction of others, Victor Frankenstein never assumes responsibility

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