Do you agree that Congress of Vienna was a success?

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For many years, historians have been debating about the “success” or “failure” of the Congress of Vienna. In order to form an answer to that question, it is vital to look at the context that the Congress of Vienna was created, and its strengths and weaknesses.

Beginning with the context, the Congress of Vienna (also known as the Concert of Europe) was created after the fall of Napoleon. One of the Congress of Vienna’s primary objectives was to maintain peace between the European areas after such a powerful dictator left the political stage.

Although the Congress of Vienna was successful in ensuring peace for many regions and for many years, scholars have argued that this peace was not for everyone and was not permanent. For example, in order to promote peace, the Congress of Vienna would often ignore a specific region’s desire for their own nationalism or other wishes.

Therefore, the Congress of Vienna came into existence during a crucial time after a strong dictator left the political scene. Although the Congress of Vienna was not successful at promoting nationalism or rights for everyone who wanted or deserved them, they were successful at keeping the area peaceful for several years.

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