Do you agree or disagree with the view expressed about the film My Left Foot in the following quote? "My Left Foot is remarkable filmmaking by Sheridan and stupendous acting by Day-Lewis. Both are nominated for Oscars and both deserve them immensely as does Brenda Fricker nominated for the role of Christy's mother.  Too bad they couldn't find room for young Hugh O'Conor, who is every bit as deserving or Ray McAnally, who makes us feel  for a character who could have been completely unsympathetic" 

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The question had to be edited.  I think that the quote is fairly accurate in extolling the virtues of the acting in Sheridan's film. Whenever the topic of physical health occupies such a central role in a film, the acting has to be authentic enough to give credence to the narrative and yet not overdoing it to trivialize the condition.  This is why it becomes so difficult to develop great acting with such a challenging topic.

This is the crucible for the actors assembled in Sheridan's work.  Based on their public acclaim, a case can be made that the acting in the film was "stupendous."   Young Hugh O'Conor won the Best Young Actor in a Supporting Role at the 1990 Young Artist Awards.  Ray McAnally won BAFTA Award for Best Supporting Actor.  These two wins, though not Oscar wins, serve as testament that their acting performances in the film were strong.  While Oscar consideration is difficult because of the inevitably crowded field, acknowledgement with other awards indicate that the acting was very strong.  In the case of the other two actors, Oscar consideration confirmed their stellar work in the film.  Brenda Fricker won the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress.  Naturally, Daniel Day- Lewis' acting job was what defined the film.  In winning the first of an unprecedented three Oscars for Best Actor, Day- Lewis began to cement his reputation as one of this generation's finest actors with his portrayal of Christy Brown.  In this light, one can only help but agree with the sentiment expressed, validated in the public acclaim that the actors received for their portrayals in Sheridan's film.

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