Does the witches' prophecy of Banquo's son becoming king come true? Does Fleance become king?I want to know what ends up happening to Fleance.

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Not in Shakespeare's play itself. However, Fleance is an ancestor of James I of England (James VI of Scotland) who was the king on the throne at the time this play was performed.


Fleance [married a daughter of the Prince of Wales]
Walter Steward [Lord Steward of Scotland]
Alane Steward
Alexander Steward
John Steward
Walter Steward [married Margaret, descendant of David I]
Robert II 1371-1390 King of Scotland
Robert III 1390-1406 King of Scotland
James I 1406-1437 King of Scotland
James II 1437-1460 King of Scotland
James III 1460-1488 King of Scotland
James IV 1488-1513 King of Scotland
James V 1513-1542 King of Scotland
Mary Queen of Scots 1542-1567 Queen of Scotland
James VI of Scotland 1567-1625 King of Scotland


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