Does doing well in examinations translate to success in life?how you think the government to make in better?

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I think that the point of what you consider success to be is an important factor in this discussion. Being successful in examinations may equip you with certain qualifications which may take you further in a career. Having the skills to pass exams may help you acquire the skills to complete job or life related tasks more efficiently. How you measure success is a personal issue. I aspire to be what I consider a successful mother - and there are no exams to make me that!

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A person who always does well on an exam might be successful in other areas but they might not.  It isn't really an exact correlation.  I would say consistently doing poorly on exams is far more a measure of an unsuccessful person than doing well is a measure of success.  Someone who is successful on exams might have drive, determination, self-motivation, and an understanding of study skills or learning techniques.  These traits will benefit them in the future but they aren't a guarantee of success.  On the other hand, a person who consistently performs poorly on exams and does not attempt to change that is likely to be less successful in life.  If they are not attempting to improve their scores, they are likely to be unmotivated and content with mediocrity.  

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I would echo the comments made in the third and fifth posts and suggest that there may be overlap. The skills and qualities that lead a person to do well on exams may translate into doing well in life. 

Being prepared, hard-working, organized, studious, and intelligent can help in many work situations. Understanding how to apply knowledge to a particular task and how to follow directions can also be helpful in professional situations.

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While doing well on examinations is often considered NOT to be a success predictor, it's probably a better predictor than most people give it credit for. Tests that are cumulative and difficult reflect years of work and dedication. Work and dedication certainly are success predictors. It's not the exam itself that predicts success, it's the behavior that leads to doing well on the exam.

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I think there are some cases where doing well in an exam would help you do better in life.  An exam is not a life-success predictor.  However, there are skills you need to do well on exams that are.  For example, time management and performance under pressure are important life skills.  A good memory also helps you in life.

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I think the answer is emphatically no. The character traits that could make one successful on an examination- determination, discipline, etc., might help you in life, but generally speaking, these exams don't assess skills, but content knowledge, and usually in a very limited way. 

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Doing well on examinations does not necessarily mean that you will have success in life.  There is much more to success in life than simply being good at taking tests.  A person's drive and determination have much more to do with their success than their ability to take tests.

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I dont think so.Well if you see doing good in exams is just about how hard you work and one may be good in studies but one may be unsuccessful in their life.If one wants to get success one should know how to handle difficult situations.Look at ALBERT EINSTIEN he in this schooling days failed in maths exam and his father said that if didnt pass with flying colours in the exam one day he would get failed in being sucessful.Still to he failed but the world knows him to be a scientist.

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i believe doing well in exams is very important thing but not always as actually it also depends in one's way of carrying out oneself in different situations and moments of life;in ups and is not always full of success you know.success is not only for the good graders but alo for the one's who are hardworking, bold and with lots of faith and will power to improve and move on with life.

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doing well in examination does and does not translate to success in life. it has both the effects. if a student is doing well in examination it means that he knows how to prepare before hand. he knows how to attempt the questions means how to handle the situation in life or difficult time. on the other hand he may be only writing well in exams and may not know how to apply that in real life. there are students who do excellent in exams but are very poor in practical life. so both the cases are there. 

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Ah! Success. what we all seek. what the world measures you by. the barometer of our being.Treat  success with disdain. smirk as its smugnesss.


success is not just about clearing the examination with flying colours. it has different meaning for different people. for example for a student securing good marks is definition of being  successful.


for parent his/ her children settled in life is success for him.


success is not about  the cars you own.the homes you live in . the wealth in your vault.that is success failing. that is not success for me.

we are the only one who can determine whether we are successful?because success can only be judjed in the court of your conscience. there is only  one form of success that i live my life by.

and that is how successful are your relationships. are you a successful son?a successful brother? husband? father? friend? or a leader?

most people don't even think of these things as they go about life sculpting success worse still, they sculpt it with wrong material.



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