Do we really need science?do we really need science if so what for?

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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, you need science. Science helps us to solve problems logically, and to understand the world around ourselves. You personally will probably need to use it in the future to make decisions about what medical tests and treatments you and your loved ones should be getting, to help you decide what mode of transportation is best for you to use, to help you make good choices about what foods to eat, to help you decide which technological devices to buy...the list goes on and on.

Additionally, everyone needs to understand some science in order to be a good citizen. Many political actions affect the environment, both locally and globally. Being able to grasp the consequences of these political actions can help you decide how to vote. Without some science knowledge you are at the mercy of others. It's always better to be equipped to make your own informed decisions.

trophyhunter1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When one seeks to answer a question anytime during their daily routine, one needs science. Thinking logically to solve even the most mundane of questions, one is using the scientific method of problem solving. One looks at what is known about the problem or question. One formulates a hypothesis or educated guess about its solution, one does an experiment and analyzes data to come to a conclusion. A very neat way to think and explore the world around you. So, yes indeed, we all need science, as we share these new discoveries about the world with others, which raises new questions.

e-martin eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Medical science, however imperfect, has saved countless lives.

The science of controlled combustion has led to a much greater access to food and essential resources as it has been used for transportation.

Though these examples do not prove that "science is essential for life" and therefore necessary, they do show that science serves a purpose beyond theory, theorizing, and classroom discussion.

triteamdan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Maybe we don't "realy need scince," but we DO really need science!  Science is a logical approach to seeking truth based on reality.  Since we live in a real world, it is critical that we understand that world as it really is.  That's "ehat" science is for.

udonbutterfly | Student

Yes in the modern world we live in Science is a must! As we advance as a people so must are technologies and methods of living. Without this we would hit a plateau and eventually life will start to decline. A great example of time without science would be the dark ages where people heavily relied on superstition as opposed to science. Also if not for science we would not have treatment for many types of ailments that would have proved deadly centuries ago like a simple ear infection or slightly high fever.

akshaybhaskar | Student

Science is the Study of our world, it tries to uncover the laws that bind everything together. These laws enable us to do amazing things like build televisions, create musical instruments, drive cars. We need science to live. without the principles its built on we couldn't even get food to eat. literally. try figuring out how to obtain food without using the basic principles of science.. Of course those principles came first, and science is just a name for them. So what your really asking is why do we need to look at and try and understand our world? That question Is a question where many may disagree with others answers. But I think its because we are explorers. We are always looking for something new, trying to find out how something works. We are by our very nature scientists. Learning how the world works helps you master it. Knowledge is power. This is why you should learn basic scientific principles, and why you should study science at school.

school-help-needed | Student

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school-help-needed | Student
Do we really need science?

do we really need science if so what for?

I ask the same things about history and english. I know that I will not major in either of these things, and to me they are just frustrating.

If you wonder, then go start a topic!

school-help-needed | Student

Without Science, we would not be keeping people with Cancer alive, people with ADHD calm and concentrated. The list goes onto MILLIONS of Medical problems. To make a pill, and to make it work you must have chemistry to use the right ingredients etc.

chelsea492 | Student

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chelsea492 | Student

of course

chelsea492 | Student


chelsea492 | Student

yess. we need science to deal with our daily lives. We live around science so we must have some knowlege about science. :))

twitters22 | Student
Do we really need science?

do we really need science if so what for?

I ask the same things about history and english. I know that I will not major in either of these things, and to me they are just frustrating.

elekzy | Student

Yes and No.

Yes, because Science enables man discover and appreciate the beauty and complxity of nature generally, and how to improve on it; at the same time, No, because one can still live a 'comfortable life' without an idea of what science and its discoveries are. Comparing the latter to our present world, the latter will be considered as a nobody on earth. Al the same.........................

najm1947 | Student

A lot has been said about the necessity of the scientific developments and its advantages. I would like to add that there is a need to conserve the global resouces for the generations to come. The development of GM Foods, better agricultural techniques, harnessing green energy and contraceptives are all very important and have contributed a lot in this area. 

However, one area has been completely ignored in the above posts that is crucial for the growth of world economies. This most important field is the development of the modern weaponry that is needed not only to stabilise the economy of some of the countries but also for the control the growing world population.

Modern weapons and WMDs have played a significant role in this area. The time to achieve the same effect used to be very large in the past as compared to what has been achieved through nuclear devices, cluster bombs and the like in Japan Middle East and Afghanistan etc. So one can say that we need science to establish our supremacy and for control of the world in general and its economic resources in particular.

But I would say that we really need science if we can restrict its development for the benefit of the mankind only.

balpreet | Student

To know the ans. of your ques. first of all we need to know what is science.

Science word has been taken from Latin "scientia" meaning "knowledge" or "to know".So its our own eagerness to get knowledge about our surroundings,that why & how different things happen,,,,how a single cell structure transformed into multicellular structures,,,,or simply the example of Sir Newton with apple......

So its basically the curiosity which is the integral part of human nature,,,,,,& the instict power of human brain to implement things in its own favour which gives rise to Science & its various implementations...

Except it need is also the imp.playcard,,,,,,as commonly said necessity is the mother of invention,,,,so with changing conditions ,increasing curiosity & demands,,,,rises the Science & technology..................


loraaa | Student

yes, we really need science in this liveeee.

dpqmw80 | Student

Science is neccessary for life specially medical science.I think advantages of science are far more than its disadvantages.

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just-s | Student

yes, i agree with the above posters we do need science!

the very fact that we are able to communicate with each other over the Internet is proof that we need science.

we can do without it, but now that it is here it is difficult to do without it.


ggt-435 | Student

More scence and less faith.Faith has no methodology.Science has.It tries to find out things by observation and experimentation.It accepts nothing without adequate evidence.

chavda211 | Student

Of course we need science. Science is key to most things. For example it helps us understand the body and save peoples lives or how to invent machinery and new technology. I could list so many more reasons why science is so essential but I'm not going to do that. If you need more information look on the Internet for ways in which science has helped our society and decide for yourself whether we really need it. However in my opinion I believe that we really need science.

wanderista | Student

Do we need it? Well, no. But, could we survive without it? No! Science is what makes everything everything to be blunt. So, to contribute to this discussion, yes Science is important.

ashleyblowes | Student

Do you mean "us" as society or "us" as you personally?

We as a society definitely need science.  That is the only way that we can solve various problems like finding better energy sources or the cure for cancer or AIDS or other diseases.  Science has been a huge benefit to us and we couldn't do without it.

us aas a society